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WatchGuard® XTM Network Security Appliances


WatchGuard´s XTM Multi–functional firewalls deliever the SPEED with the Unbelievable VALUE. The XTM´s offer strong security and enhanced networking capabilities; management flexibility, as well as greater IT investment protection and customer choice.

XTM 2 Series

XTM 2 Series … Great for small offices, branch offices and wireless hotspots.

XTM 5 Series

XTM 5 Series … Perfect fit for small to medium sized businesses.

XTM 8 Series

XTM 8 Series … Excellent For medium to large businesses and data centers.

XTM Enterprise Series

XTM Enterprise Series … Excellent For enterprise businesses and data centers.

WatchGuard® XTM 2 Series

Keep Main Offices/Headquarters and Stand–Alone Businesses Secure and Connected. Learn More about the XTM 2 Series

WatchGuard® XTM 5 Series

For the Mid–size company a combination firewall/VPN with super speed. Learn More about the XTM 5 Series

WatchGuard® XTM 8 Series

High Performance for the Demanding Networks. Learn More about XTM 8 Series

WatchGuard® XTM 1000 and 2000 Series

Highest Performance for the Most Demanding Enterprise Networks and datacenters. Learn More about XTM Enterprise Series