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Faronics Insight Software

Faronics Insight

Comprehensive Lab Control

Computers have the power to enhance the classroom experience for both students and teachers, but the benefits can easily be lost to distractive elements such as games, instant messaging, and web surfing. Instructors often have to deal with students who are not paying attention to classroom instruction, which makes it difficult to teach classes effectively.

Insight changes the way that technology is viewed in the classroom by turning standard computer labs into collaborative learning environments. Insight is the ultimate classroom technology management solution that empowers instructors with the ability to educate, assist, monitor, and communicate with an entire class from one central computer. Instructors no longer need to need to deal with classroom distractions – such as games, instant messaging, and web surfing – when teaching a class. Insight makes it easy for instructors to monitor user computers, blank user screens, mute audio, remote into their computers, and open, close, and block applications and web activity on user workstations.

Insight´s classroom collaboration options are just as powerful as its classroom control features. Instructors are able to share their screen with users, or with their supervision, let users share their screen with other users. Communication efficiency is increased with the ability to send and collect files, chat with users, broadcast messages, and hold classroom votes and student testing.

Insight is also multi–platform; instructors can monitor and control Windows and Mac computers at the same time.

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