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Faronics Power Save Software

Faronics Power Save

Reduce IT Energy Waste & Cost

Power Save is the only energy management tool on the market today that eliminates wasted energy on computers without disrupting existing IT administration processes and without impacting critical user applications or data.

Power Save is designed to look at CPU and Disk Utilization thresholds that IT administrators can set so that Power Save will not shut down computers if background jobs such as VPN, remote access, and remote backup are running. Power Save allows IT administrators to specify critical programs that are exempt from power down if they are running. CPU and Disk Utilization combines with this feature to ensure that systems are not powered down when employees or IT do not want them to. Power Save also supports Standby (recommended) and Hibernate power modes to ensure that any unsaved user data is not lost.

The ability to schedule Power Save configuration updates on a single, daily, weekly, or monthly basis allows IT administrators to effortlessly make changes to enterprise energy management policies.

Intelligent PC Power Management

  • Analyzes CPU, disk, keyboard, mouse, network, and critical application activity before taking power management actions
  • Saves open user documents prior to powering down computers
  • Maximizes PC energy savings via Power Policies
  • Scheduled workstation wakeups remotely using Wake–On–LAN or locally via Windows
  • Gives users the ability to temporarily exempt their computers from power management
  • Works with both Windows and Mac computers
  • Runs Audit reports prior to activation to determine potential savings without affecting workstations
  • Definitively proves its rapid return–on–investment through network–wide power consumption and savings reports
  • Allows all workstations to be efficiently managed via Faronics Core

With an average savings of $50 per computer per year for every computer deployed, Power Save is the ultimate PC power management software solution for desktop and laptop computers.

Download a free fully functional 30 day Faronics Power Save trial