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Faronics WINSelect Software

Faronics WINSelect

Dynamic Preference Control

Standardized user environments are critical for organizations that want to reduce IT support costs and workload. Faronics WINSelect provides a quick, flexible, and scalable way to configure the functionality and feature set of any Windows computer to conform to an organization´s requirements. WINSelect also complements, manages, extends, and often replaces Group Policy Objects (GPO). It works alongside existing policies and delivers features and capabilities not offered by GPOs.

WINSelect is an easy to use alternative to Group Policy Objects. Instead of investing the time and training required to understand and manage GPOs, organizations can use WINSelect to customize or lockdown computers through an intuitive and non–technical interface. Many of the common customizations that Group Policy Objects are traditionally used for are also found in WINSelect, such as modifying Start button functionality, enforcing Windows Explorer restrictions, and limiting right–click functionality. By using WINSelect, you can create the same tailored computing environment as a Group Policy Guru, but in a fraction of the time and effort.

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