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Technology Managed Computer Services

Expert managed computer services from HBR Technologies are a smart investment for businesses of all sizes. Without ongoing regular support, computers and networks will inevitably fail, and usually at the least opportune moment possible. The results can be hours or even days of lost productivity, revenue loss, and damage to your relationships with your clients. Don´t wait for disaster to strike; let HBR Technologies provide the proactive technology managed services that will keep your business running along smoothly without interruption. For over 28 years, HBR Technologies has provided reliable IT Support Dallas–area businesses have enjoyed. Contact HBR Technologies today to find out how choosing us as your managed network service provider can improve the availability, performance, and security of your critical IT infrastructure.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed technology services are the continuous monitoring of the health of your IT infrastructure and environment. This includes scheduled site and device reporting to allow an overview of the real time performance of your IT infrastructure, as well as providing on–going insight into your hardware and software capabilities. This allows our experienced IT professionals to identify and diagnose issues before they become problems that negatively impact your business. Managed services also include installing updates to optimize performance of your systems and applications. We provide managed network services both remotely and as part of our IT Onsite Support programs. Companies contract for managed IT services to ensure continuity and availability of their important hardware, software, networks, and the complete package of infrastructure. HBR Technologies offers an exclusive managed computer–support plan called the rPromis Program which addresses all of the most common IT failures such as:

  • Email and communications systems going down
  • Client database unavailable
  • Security breaches, spyware, viruses, and unauthorized access to networks or data
  • Non–business software (such as games and file sharing) monopolizing storage space and employee time
  • Predictable hardware failures

The Benefits of Our Managed Computer Service Program

HBR Technologies has been offering managed services and computer support in Dallas for over a quarter of a century. From Lewisville to Frisco, Farmers Branch to Plano, our experienced team of professionals provides the managed network services that allow companies to focus on their core business, rather than dealing with their IT infrastructure on a daily basis. We specialize in providing affordable IT services for small businesses to help them compete in today´s global marketplace. The key benefits of the HBR Technologies rPromis Program include:

  • Significant decrease in downtime
  • Improved network and hardware performance
  • Painless network capacity management
  • Lower costs and increased efficiency
  • Protection against information technology security breaches
  • Scheduled on–site IT support services
  • Increased employee productivity by automating routine administrative functions
  • Responsive experienced IT staff available by telephone, email, or for on–site support
IT Support Dallas and IT Onsite Support

"I can´t even describe how painless it´s been. We never had any problems whatsoever, as far as getting our problems resolved or issues addressed immediately."

Suzie Chaney
Perryman, Chaney, Russell, LLP.
CPA Firm

Increase Network Reliability and Performance with IT Managed Services

What do people want their computers to do? They want them to work as expected, every time, with no downtime and minimal maintenance. That is where IT managed services from HBR Technologies can help: our unobtrusive service constantly monitors your systems to ensure that problems are detected and solutions are implemented before they affect the end–user. Our team of managed desktop professionals can handle all of the routine maintenance and upgrades that are necessary to keep your computers operating efficiently, freeing up your time to attend to important business matters. Why spend your time worrying about installing software, ensuring compliance, implementing security measures, and backing up your data when HBR Technologies can do it all for you? All you will have to do is turn on your computer and enjoy the enhanced performance that comes from having your systems and networks maintained by our expert information technology professionals.

Technology Managed Services Saves Time and Money

Managed information technology services and managed desktop services are the cost–effective way to proactively prevent all of the usual IT failures so that you are not faced with an expensive crisis to resolve later. Many of the problems that cause major headaches for companies are completely predictable when scheduled monitoring is in place. For example, if a critical server runs out of storage space on its hard drive, it can cause tremendous problems…or the lack of space can be addressed proactively with a simple storage upgrade so the server continues to operate without interruption. The insight obtained through HBR Technologies managed computer services can also help businesses determine how best to allocate resources for upgrades and future planning. Technology managed services are extremely cost–effective because they allow you to invest capital in growing your business rather than spending money putting out fires. Call HBR Technologies or complete the contact form to the left to learn more about how our Dallas IT consulting can help you design a network and infrastructure that will grow with your company in the future.

HBR Technologies: Providing Exceptional Technology Services Since 1984

HBR Technologies has been locally owned and operated since 1984 and is one of the oldest computer re–sellers and IT service companies in the Dallas area. We have always prided ourselves in offering the most complete IT support services with the most exceptional customer service. When companies need managed computer service in Dallas, they know they can rely on HBR Technologies to provide responsive, reliable, and cost–effective managed services in towns all around the Dallas area including Carrollton, Addison, Farmers Branch, Plano, Frisco, Lewisville, and Richardson. From methods that reduce security risk to implementation of virtual servers to promote growth, HBR Technologies provides the technology managed services your company needs to reduce costs and increase productivity. Complete the contact form to the left to learn more about our managed computer services in Dallas and the surrounding areas.