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Exabyte Expandable Tape Drives

April 3, 2006 -- Exabyte Corp. (OTCBB: EXBY), the leading innovator in tape backup and recovery systems, today announced the world's first and only tape backup drives to offer expandable Capacity On-Demand, allowing growing businesses to keep pace with their data protection needs without the limitations and risks of outdated tape formats or hard disk and DVD backup.

Built on Exabyte's award-winning VXA Packet Technology, the VXA-172 Packet Drive and VXA-172 PacketLoader 1x10 provide affordable, easy backup and recovery for critical business information using reliable, large capacity, high-speed tape cartridges that can be removed to an off-site location for safekeeping. Unlike tape devices of the past, such as DDS/DAT and DLT tape drives that have fixed capacity limits, Exabyte's VXA-172 products are engineered to grow as business data grows. For as little as $699 (estimated U.S. street price), customers can purchase a reliable, plug-and-play 172 gigabyte* system today that can be affordably upgraded later to near double the capacity via a simple electronic update. For even greater scalability, tape cartridges for the VXA-172 products are the only tape products available in two sizes: the X6 at 80-gigabytes and the X10 at 172-gigabytes selling for prices of $15 and $29 respectively (estimated U.S. street price).

The VXA-172 Packet Drive and Packet Loader provide users with significant advantages, such as:

  • The first and only upgradeable tape drives
  • Best price/performance available: Best capacity and speed for price
  • Available as either a single tape drive or a fully automated system
  • The only backup hardware to offer multiple tape capacities
  • The only data protection technology to use disaster-tested data packets

"The vast majority of servers sold to small and midsized businesses today have more than 100 gigabytes of disk space, which poses a significant dilemma when trying to back up and secure that much data with old lower-capacity tape like DDS/DAT or optical media," said Tom Ward, Exabyte president and CEO. "Not only are other tape formats and other backup mediums impractical, expensive, and difficult to manage, they can undermine the safety and security of an organization's long-term data protection."

"With more reasons than ever to set up a reliable backup and recovery system, businesses that rely on email, office documents and databases are challenged to develop a long-term strategy that is affordable and manageable today, but still future-proof for a growing operation," said Jeff Romick, vice president of HBR Technologies, a business and technology consulting firm based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. "In most SMBs, where there isn't a person available 24/7 to manage computers and servers, a reliable and secure storage system like Exabyte's VXA-172 gives peace of mind and investment protection at an unbelievable price - much more capacity and speed for under $700 than any other tape product available."

The standalone VXA-172 Packet Drive provides a small business with a simple tape device that accepts one tape cartridge at a time, with 172* gigabytes of capacity today and 320* gigabytes Capacity On-Demand tomorrow. For organizations wanting unattended backup, the VXA-172 Packet Loader has ten cartridge slots and a robotic mechanism for automatic, unattended operation. The VXA-172 Packet Loader offers up to 1.7* terabytes of capacity today and up to 3.2* terabytes Capacity On-Demand tomorrow and a standard barcode reader to manage cartridges.

"Many small businesses have difficulty forecasting data storage requirements and often outgrow the capacity of their existing tape solutions," said Robert Amatruda, research manager at IDC. "Solutions such as Exabyte's VXA-172 tape drive and autoloader with a capacity-on-demand feature offer flexibility and expandability to value-oriented customers." Compatibility, Availability, Pricing and Warranty

VXA-172 provides support for a wide range of computing platforms and operating systems. VXA-172 is compatible with all major backup software vendors, and Exabyte will offer the drives with three interface options: Ultra2Wide SCSI is available immediately. Serial-ATA and FireWire connections will be available later this year.

Exabyte VXA-172 products are shipping to computer resellers this week. The VXA-172 Packet Drive is available for $699 and the VXA-172 Packet Loader is available for $1699. The capacity-on-demand electronic upgrades will be available for around $349 for a drive upgrade and $599 for the PacketLoader upgrade (all estimated U.S. street prices).

All VXA-172 products come with three-year advanced exchange (ADEX) as part of Exabyte's standard warranty and support program.

VXA Packet Technology

The key to Exabyte's award-winning VXA technology is that instead of traditional, vulnerable data tracks, data is recorded in small sections or packets, similar to how data is delivered over the Internet. This efficient method of recording data provides superior capacity, speed and error-proof integrity when restoring data. As the only storage media format to use Packet Technology, VXA is regarded as the worldwide leader in capacity, speed, reliability and value for small-to-midsize businesses. VXA is so reliable that it is up to 180 times more likely to properly restore data than other tape formats such as DDS/DAT - even from a damaged tape. VXA tape cartridges have been disaster-tested under the most severe conditions - including violent vibration, blowing volcanic dust, freezing inside blocks of ice, boiling water and even hot coffee - to prove they can provide reliable and complete data restores.

About Exabyte Corporation Exabyte Corporation is the leading innovator and provider of tape storage products. For more than 20 years, the company has raised industry standards in engineering quality for tape drives and tape automation. Exabyte's groundbreaking VXA Packet technology is the capacity, speed, reliability, and value leader in small-to-midsize business tape storage and tape automation solutions. With patented and award-winning VXA Packet Technology and ExaBotics™, Exabyte's VXA™ and LTO™ (Ultrium™) products are ideally suited for SMB and departmental servers, workstations, LANs, and SANs. Exabyte has a worldwide network of OEM, distributor and reseller partners that share the company's commitment to innovation and customer service, including IBM, Apple, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Fujitsu Ltd., Imation, Tech Data, and Ingram Micro. The company is also a founding member of the VXA Alliance, an industry group focused on providing information and education to the marketplace on the benefits of the VXA Packet tape format. For more information, call 1-800-EXABYTE or visit www.exabyte.com.

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* Data capacities and transfer rates assume a compression ratio of 2:1. Actual compression varies depending on the nature of the data and the drive and media performance.