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Texas Back Institute and HBR Technologies design network for new Plano facility

June 22, 2004 – The spine specialists at Texas Back Institute (TBI) understand the meaning and value of stability; even as it relates to their computer network backbone. TBI has hired HBR Technologies to design a secure network infrastructure that will enable TBI to serve patients most effectively. The solution will allow patient information to be accessed quickly while storing it more securely, thus ensuring the privacy and availability of patient information.

“Texas Back Institute has more experience than any other center in the U.S. when it comes to back surgery and diagnosing back problems, so we looked for the same experience level in our network security specialist,” said Lisa Raines, CEO of TBI. “HBR is a great fit for us because they have trained experts that understand HIPPA compliance issues.”

Tracy Christian, senior consultant for HBR, said, “Electronic data transmission is ingrained in the healthcare industry. Insuring the security and privacy of medical data has never been more important that it is today. The correct security software and hardware for privacy protection must be implemented to reassure patients that their medical records are kept confidential.”

As a leader in spine care, spine research and education, TBI is involved in more FDA clinical trial studies for spine surgery than any other center in the U.S. The protection of patient and research information was the catalyst to getting security specialists at HBR involved to design the network.

“HBR is designing the network to enable us to use current and future imaging systems effectively. It will allow doctors and clinicians to view MRI and X-ray images from their computer screens,” said Michael Hisey, M.D., spine surgeon at TBI. “The new system will also move TBI toward a secure paperless office and facilitate more rapid and secure communications with pharmacies, thereby decreasing medication errors.”

Jeff Romick, vice president of HBR, said, “It is great to work with a Texas icon like TBI. It is always rewarding to create a high speed, secure network for an organization that serves the community so well.”

Texas Back Institute, Plano, TX

Texas Back Institute (TBI) is the largest freestanding spine specialty clinic in the United States. The Institute, based in Plano, Texas, was established 25 years ago and provides comprehensive medical care for individuals with back and neck pain. TBI is a back care leader specializing in spinal arthroplasty, minimally invasive spine surgery, spinal deformities and spinal oncology care. As an academic health care organization, TBI has trained hundreds of physicians, scientists and allied health professionals. Its research institution employs state-of-the art technology and research to treat patients and is involved in the most clinical trials of artificial discs. TBI's professional staff includes board-certified spine surgeons, general surgeons, internists, chiropractors, physiatrists, pain specialists, exercise physiologists and a team of physical and occupational therapists. Texas Back Institute's main office is located on the campus of Presbyterian Hospital of Plano, with offices in Denton, Fort Worth, Greenville, Garland, Hurst, Midland, Wichita Falls, TX and Phoenix, AZ. For more information visit www.texasback.com.