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Rugged. Reliable. Wireless.


With super–long battery life, integrated wireless LAN and optional wireless WAN, GPS capabilities and more, the ruggedized Panasonic Toughbook allows you to stay connected from anywhere. And Panasonic protects all Toughbook products with not only an unmatched 3–year limited warranty but also a 24–hour technical support hotline.

Panasonic TP3 Premier Reseller

HBR Technologies is a TP3 Reseller. Panasonic´s Toughbook® Premier Partner Program (TP3) is reserved for resellers who meet sales and customer support commitments for Toughbook mobile products. HBR Technologies, as a TP3 partner, is authorized to sell and support business–rugged, semi–rugged and fully–rugged Toughbook products.

Business-rugged Semi-rugged Fully-rugged

Panasonic Business-rugged

If you are a road warrior, you will need a laptop that can go from the car to the plane to the client´s boardroom. These durable machines deliver the reliability you need to succeed. … Learn More About Panasonic Business–rugged Laptops

Panasonic Semi-rugged

Wireless, Tireless and Tough. These laptops combine the tough features of the fully–rugged line with the streamline features of the business–rugged line, delivering high performance and remaining flexible for all your business needs. … Learn More About Panasonic Semi-rugged Laptops

Panasonic Fully-rugged

The toughest line of Toughbook laptops: they are certified to withstand shocks, spills, vibrations, dust, extreme temperatures and anything else you can throw at it. They take a beating, so your business doesn´t. … Learn More About Panasonic Fully–rugged Laptops