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Always There When We Need Them

"I´m Ryan Hering. I´m with Preferred Care Management Group. I´ve known HBR Technologies since 1994. And we like them because they´re always there when we need somebody to help us with our problems."

Ryan Herring, CFO
Preferred Care Management Group
Assisted Living Facility

Project Management And Communication

"So I´ve worked with David and Jeff now for about five years, I´ve known them. And over that time, I´ve been in the idea of bringing them on board as a partner with several of my clients. I have a health care consulting company and I´ve now brought them into two of my major clients and they have been very successful. They´ve taken over the support of one of my clients which is about an hour and a half to two hours away from here. They are able to do it remotely. If needed on site, they send individuals down to on site and I think that relationship is coming up on about two years. So I feel like David and his team will always execute for me. And that´s what I appreciate about what they do.

So with one of my clients, we´re building a new building and I gave David the contract to put in all the network equipment, cabling, and all that. And I travel a bunch, so I was out of the country for three weeks. During those three weeks, I had requested David to cover what´s going on at the building because it was not ready for cabling. And he took ownership of managing the effort for me and kept me informed via text and emails. That was above and beyond because he didn´t have to do that. I asked for his help and he stepped in and replaced me for three weeks, so I appreciated that."

Anil Keswani, President
ANK Solutions
Healthcare Consultant

You Can Trust HBR With Your IT Issues

"Our company has been utilizing HBR's professional services for about four years now. HBR has saved us alot of money by helping our company buy the best and most affordable computer equipment for our type of business. They are a company that can assist you with minor software issues to major hardware issues, and has always responded in an ASAP mode. You can trust HBR with your current IT issues and can rely on their advice for any new issues and upgrades. I am always grateful to HBR for their professional services and outstanding staff!"

Theresa Farrell, Practice Manager
Southwest Dermatopathology Consultants
Medical Laboratory

We Wanted An Established Company

"Our immediate need at the time was a new backup solution. What we were using was just a dinosaur arrangement. We started looking at consulting firms at the time the guy we were using was a one man shop. We felt a little vulnerable if something should happen to him. Coming from that we wanted a more established company, one that was going to be there when we called. Someone really on the edge of the technology that could help us find our way through this maze of technology.

We were looking for a more responsive company that would keep us out of trouble basically. We are accountants, we are not computer geeks.

The communications has been good, that was a little bit of a concern to us going in, you know you have more than one technician involved over there, that’s really what led us to you. That can be a problem when it comes to communication, passing it off one to another, but we haven’t experienced any problems with that. "

Robert Perryman, Owner
Perryman, Chaney, Russell
CPA Firm

HBR Has Made Our Life Much Easier

"I have outsourced all of our desktop support to HBR Technologies and they have done a fabulous job. They have made our life much easier. We have been able to support 300 with a single person in-house. They do all of the rest of the work and they make it really easy for us. HBR has been our outsourced partner. They have been fabulous because they not only do what we ask them to but, they have been able to tackle all of the things that come out that are just totally unexpected and they have just made our lives alot easier. "

Daniel Popp, Vice President Engineering
Medical Software

We Always Have Someone To Call

"I am Barry Glass with H&D Distributors, the IT Manager. We have been using HBR for about 2 years now. Since we switched over to HBR, our downtime has really gone down and response time is really tremendous. It´s unbelievable how much better they've helped us improve our uptime and there are less worries. Nobody has to worry about what happens when something goes down because one call and everything is taken care of.

One thing that has impressed me with HBR is there have been times our order house runs from 7 o´clock in the morning to 7 o´clock at night and we always have someone to call. There have been times when we have gone down on the weekend and they've had to come out. We have to be running Monday morning and we have never had any trouble with that. They have always been really responsive. "

Barry Glass, IT Manager
H&D Distributors

We Can Relax And Focus

"Hi, my name is Keith Mack with Texas Baptist Men. And it´s a great privilege to work with HBR Technologies and to know that they´ve got our technology needs at bay, so that we can relax and focus upon assignments that God has for us. One of the great things about working with HBR is that they often know what´s happening to our systems before we even do. And to know that they´re monitoring and that they´re able to answer us when we have a concern." "

Keith Mack, Missions & Ministries Consultant
Texas Baptist Men
Charitable Organization

Your Data Is Protected

"Hey, I´m Kim Joyce. I'm from eFolder. I´m here to endorse HBR. They're a great company. They do so much to make sure your company is up, that things are going well for you, that your data is protected. It´s a great company. You should actually check them out." "

Kim Joyce, Account Manager
Cloud Data Protection Services

HBR Is Easy To Work With

"Hello, my name is Adam Novak. I´m the owner of Novak Networks. I´ve been working with HBR Technologies for 12 or 13 years now. And I´ve got to say Jeff and David Romick are fantastic. They´re easy to work with, they´re very knowledgeable, their staff –– we can go in from simple desk top stuff to complex server issues and they have somebody who can handle anything. And the owners, Jeff and David Romick, they are great guys, they´re very cool to work with. If there´s a problem, they´re calm, they handle issues very well. They´ve always been great over the years."

Adam Novak, Owner
Novak Networks
Cabling Company

HBR Is Right There To Handle It

"Hi, I´m Shari Brown from Levine Academy and I´ve been working with HBR Technologies for about six years now. And they are just fabulous. They´re on the spot if I call, if there´s a problem, they´re right there to handle it. When HBR comes on our campus, it´s almost like having a member of your family there to help you. And they´re always very polite and helpful and so smart, they´ll make you feel stupid."

Shari Brown, Technology Teacher
Levine Academy
Private School

I Can Always Count On HBR

"My name is Ron Chapman. I´m with Texas Baptist Men. I´m the Warehouse Facilities Manager. And I´ve worked with HBR Technologies for any type of service, computer related, because I can always count on them whenever I call. And I say Dale –– or whoever answers the phone –– "I need your help". And they´re always there willing to help and to give me instructions on what to do and how to do it. And they´re always very friendly. And there´s never a problem that´s too big, just takes a little bit of time to get it worked out. I´ve been able to count on HBR several times. When you have a person like Robert who´s willing to come over on a Friday afternoon to help change out a part on a server that you didn´t even know was bad, when they come over on a Friday afternoon willing to get things changed out and your system back up, getting things going again, that´s what I call service."

Ron Chapman, Warehouse Manager
Texas Baptist Men
Charitable Organization

Brian Barnes

Greater Control Of Our IT Environment

"Our company has a small corporate staff. Over time, this small team began devoting an increasing amount of time managing the company's information technology environment - time that was better spent focusing on our core business. In response, we contracted with HBR Technologies' Managed Services program. The result has been greater control over our IT environment and a reallocation of staff hours from desktop and server support to business operations."

Brian Barnes, COO/CFO
Legacy Senior Communities
Healthcare Management Company

Chandra Curtis

HBR Technologies´ Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Service Saved The Day!

"I accidentally deleted a large block of data in our ACT database. I deleted every single ACT entry that had any "acc" listed in the project name. There were so many lost entries and I was freaking out. I was in a state of panic because there was no way I could recreate all of the deleted data. I called HBR to see if they could restore the database to the previous night’s copy. To be perfectly honest, HBR’s service on this issue blew me away. There was never; "I´ll get to it in a minute", or "Can I call you back". They instantly jumped right on the issue.

HBR was able to restore data from less than 1 hour prior to the deletion because of the way they setup our backups. I was amazed at how quickly they were able to restore the data and how little data was lost when they restored the database. HBR completely saved the day! They kept Josh, Deb, Kelly and me from hours of re-typing data, and wondering whether we recreated all of the information and if it was correct. Thank you for the swift response and setting us up on a great backup service!"

Chandra Curtis, Sales Support Coordinator
Concept Surfaces

Ted Brooks

Proactive Service Prevents Extended Server Outage

"We have been working with HBR Technologies for over a year and in that period of time we have enjoyed working with their entire team. They are very professional, technically talented, and care about our people and organization. Shortly after we engaged HBR, they recognized the backup solution from our previous MSP was not setup correctly and that we were at risk for losing data from aging servers and bad backup planning. We upgraded some of our licensing and we installed a BDR to cover our most important servers in our Richardson office. Unfortunately, the first server to crash was in our Fort Worth office. The great news was that HBR noticed the age and frailty of the servers in that office and, a month earlier, installed a BDR at their own expense. They didn´t feel comfortable with our ability to recover in a failed server situation. If it were not for the professional insight and proactive work of HBR, we would have lost data and experienced a long server outage. Instead, in seventy minutes, the BDR was spun up as the failed server until we could get the old system repaired and back online. We quickly planned the replacement of the aging server to build a more reliable environment. We really appreciate HBR´s BCDR service but also their partnership!"

Ted Brooks, Executive Vice President
JLL Valuation & Advisory Services
Real Estate Services

Derek Fay

Technology Design And Implementation

"HBR has played an instrumental role in designing and implementing a technology infrastructure that performs beyond our expectations. With the help of HBR we are able to focus on managing and growing our business without worrying about the technology that we rely so heavily on. With the high degree of customer service that they provide, it is no surprise that they have been around for over 30 years"

Derek Fay, President
H&D Distributors Inc.

Keith Mack

Our Data is Safe And Secure

"Thank you HBR for making technology easy to use. We appreciate knowing that our data is safe and secure and that we can contact you when needed for service."

Keith Mack, Missions & Ministries Consultant
Texas Baptist Men
Charitable Organization

Daniel Popp

Knowing Our Data Is Protected Gives Me Peace Of Mind

"As a medical company that provides EMR software and has patient identifying information for clients, it is extremely important to make sure all of our systems are secure. HBR Technologies came in and provided us with a vulnerability assessment to ensure that all of our external access was secure. Knowing that our information, as well as our client’s information is protected gives me peace of mind.."

Daniel Popp, Vice President Engineering
Medical Software

Shawna Cardillo

Quality, Speed, And Accuracy

"Our Senior Account Manager is knowledgeable about her product and service offerings and consistently provides fair quotes, solutions and suggestions for all our hardware and software needs.

The quality, speed and accuracy of their ordering and billing processes have saved us countless hours of tracking and troubleshootingincorrect information. As a result, HBR has been extremely easy to work with and our confidence in their ability allows us to focus on improving our technology instead of ordering processes."

Shawna Cardillo, CIO
4Front Engineered Solutions
Manufacturing Company

Daryl Tabor

Highly Skilled Technical Staff

"HBR has a highly skilled technical staff on board and they have been more than willing to share their knowledge with my technical staff whenever and wherever we have requested it. From a sales perspective, HBR has been exemplary in responding to our needs and requests and follow up."

Daryl Tabor, IT Manager
Wilson N. Jones Medical Center

Region Medical Center

Jeff Bruton

Very Quick Response

"I was introduced to HBR Technologies when my IT pro left the company. I felt very confident in Robert’s abilities. My expectation was that everything related to IT would be off-loaded to HBR. I wanted full support where I was basically outsourcing my IT department. When we have a problem we call HBR and they respond very quickly ."

Jeff Bruton,
Bennigans Franchise

Restaurant Management

Tom Vezain

Outstanding Customer Support

"HBR Technologies is a local company that provides outstanding customer support. We began our relationship by joining in on the Microsoft consortium licensing program HBR orchestrated. From day one, anytime we had a request for a quote on any product, they were very responsive. The technology support team that comes in to support those products is outstanding. I feel comfortable with the local proximity and knowing we have a local vendor that is very reliable ."

Tom Vezain,
Parish Episcopal

Private Educational Institution

Mark Stolovitsky

Partnering With HBR Was A No Brainer

"Our technology teacher’s primary duties are to her class, not IT problems, and with so many new initiatives coming down the line, it’s great to have someone who takes all of the school’s needs into account, and helps guide us where we need to go.

Sometimes when you don’t have a particular skill set available, knowing when to outsource is important but when you work with a partner like HBR, the decision is a no-brainer. The Company has been a lifeline for our school ."

Mark Stolovitsky, Head of School
Levine Academy

Private Educational Institution

Michael Ellentuck

Our Relationship With HBR Has Been A True Partnership

"We´ve been working with HBR for 5 years, and over that time, we´ve worked on quite a few projects together. In terms of finding the right IT partner, there has to be a comfort level. With HBR, and with Jeff in particular, we’ve developed a trust. He’s invested himself in our business.

“If they don´t have the knowledge they know where to go to get the resources we need. That´s important, especially since we don’t have the in–house technical skill set or understanding to know what´s needed, and what´s changing."

"Our relationship with HBR has been a true partnership. They helped us strategically look at out business models to anticipate future trends. We are now putting together a plan to improve our infrastructure with the intention of meeting the 2014 EMR requirements."

Michael Ellentuck, CEO
Legacy Senior Communities

Healthcare Management Company

Candace Adams

Absolutely Unheard Of Service

"How can I express to you and your fine organization a Thank You that is worthy of the service your team has provided to our company? You all never cease to amaze me! With only 1 day notice of our entire office move, you were able to respond and deliver service that in this day and age is absolutely unheard of! Your team came out and reviewed the move requirements, met with the building management whom had very strict and unyielding specifications. Your group was able to locate a cabling company and the very same day they were able to pull all my telecommunications cable. They were professional and represented your organization very well. Even though they were subcontracted they knew their primary goal was to represent HBR Technologies in the most professional manner. They exceeded all my expectations.

Your feild engineer was a delight to work with. He was very patient and calm during the most hectic of situations. Truely, if it had not been for him, my company´s move would have been a disaster! He was able to have our company back online within a day. That is truely unheard of, especially with all the fly–by–night technical companies that seem to popup overnight. It is really refreshing to know that there is a company out there like yours that truely does go above and beyond in putting the customer´s needs first".

Candace Adams, Office Manager
Carter´s Inc.
Manufacturing Company

Suzzi Yarbrough

Friendly Customer Service

"I had never worked with HBR before I worked here at D4D. I take as many products as I can to HBR because of friendly customer service. They are very knowledgeable. I don’t believe I ever called and not got a response in the next 5 minutes. The inside salesperson, Glenn, is great to work with. As soon as I call he is very responsive, quick to get product. I have never had any trouble getting product from HBR."

Suzzi Yarbrough, Buyer
D4D Technologies
Dental Device Manufacturer

Charles Chia

HBR Has Become A Trusted And Vital Part Of Our Business

"On behalf of all the team members here at VoiceAccess, I would like to take this opportunity to express my pleasure and gratitude for the services provided by HBR Technologies and our Account Manager, Byron Hay. Given the special requirements of our VoiceAccess IVR platform and the unique implementation process we desired, HBR has successfully delivered a highly customized integration experience.

By taking the time to truly understand our needs, company culture and system requirements, Byron was able to put in place ordering, system production, inventory and billing processes that were tailored to our needs. Nothing we have asked for was too much or too difficult.

We at VoiceAcess measure our success by the meaningful, long–term relationships that we develop with our customers. That same measure can be applied to our relationship with our vendor partners who we rely on to support and compliment us in the delivery of exceptional products and services. I can honestly say that HBR has become a trusted and vital part of our business with which we share strong professional relationship."

Charles Chia, VP of IT
VoiceAccess Inc.
Manufacturing Company

Jody Hawkins

Highly Certified Engineers and Security Specialists

"HBR Technologies is an extremely knowledgeable organization and not only has highly certified engineers and security specialists, they also have gone the extra steps to ensure that the sales consultants are certified. HBR Technologies has worked closely with our organization to educate us on the solutions from multiple manufacturers. This has enabled us to make informed and accurate business decisions."

Jody Hawkins, IT Manager
Children´s Medical Center of Dallas


Kent Christensen

Valuable Help And Suggestions

"We found the help and suggestions of HBR´s staff very valuable in the successful implementation of our new office and new server infrastructure."

Kent Christensen, Systems Engineer
Engineering Firm

Suzie Chaney

Painless Problem Resolution

"I can´t even describe how painless it's been. We never had any problems whatsoever, as far as getting our problems resolved or issues addressed immediately."

Suzie Chaney
Perryman, Chaney, Russell, LLP.
CPA Firm

Maria Grieser

Innovative and Cost Effective Solutions

"HBR Technologies delivers professionals that implement innovative, cost effective solutions to manage and leverage a company´s technology resources."

Maria Grieser, President CEO
Software Development Company

Chris Peck

Quick Turnaround Keeps Employees Productive

"As Vice President of McCarthy Building Company, I find the services provided by HBR to be extremely valuable. For almost a decade, HBR has provided reliable system repair, imaging of hardware, and onsite desktop support. Their quick turnaround allows our personnel at construction sites and in the corporate office to remain productive. I know I can count on HBR to be responsive to our needs and provide us with Hassle Free IT. Because we do not worry about our IT, we can remain focused on expanding our business."

Chris Peck, Vice President – Texas Division
McCarthy Building Company
Commercial Construction Company

Bill Rollings

Private School Technology Solutions

"School Office Services (SOS) is a purchasing co-op and consulting company for business managers of private schools. In Texas we run a purchasing co-op for about 100 different schools and HBR Technologies has been involved with SOS right from the beginning, about 11 years ago.

Jeff Romick is knowledgeable not only about technology but also about the specifics of independent schools. He really knows our business. When Jeff goes into a school he is able to talk knowledgeable about different products a school can purchase but he also understands some of the problems that are unique to the independent schools. Another important thing is Jeff has been able to put together a national contract. For example SOS has a national contract with Microsoft and a number of schools find this tremendously valuable. So it is the power of aggregation that has allowed our schools to benefit from that. Jeff had the foresight and the vision to put that together. "

Bill Rollings, President
School Office Services
Private Education Support Company

Murphy’s Law was at work but so was HBR!

"Security Center was being proactive with our technology and replacing the servers with new hardware and upgrading the Microsoft operating system. We had just moved our Domain Controller to the new equipment and everything looked and tested great. A few days later, we had a short power outage. All of a sudden, none of the servers were able to communicate with each other. HBR Technologies was on top of the situation. They quickly tested connectivity and determined the servers were fine but the "old" network switches failed to come back online after the power glitch. It seemed unlikely because two switches failed at the same time. HBR insisted the correct path was to prove or disprove the switch failure before investing more work hours running down less likely options. We were very fortunate that HBR had a hot spare switch available in their inventory. They assigned the effort to one of their best SE resources and he was at our facility in no time, with the switch in hand. HBR’s diagnosis was absolutely correct. Both switches had died and the 48 port switch they sent was programmed and installed giving our network an additional upgrade that we had not yet planned. It is great having a strong partner, like HBR Technologies, that you can rely on when lightning strikes!"

Gary Akey, Operations Director
Security CenterC

HBR Listens To Our Needs

"From our very first meeting with Jeff and Greg they listened to what we had to say. At our first meeting we explained our needs to them and then they designed a system for us that has met those requirements and has helped our company to continue to be efficient and productive."

Barbara Doerk, Office Manager
Aureus Group LLC

Productivity Enhancing Results

"I have purchased computer hardware myself from David´s company and have recommended him to various friends and former colleagues who have experienced very productivity-enhancing results from HBR's products and services."

Pat Dawsey, Owner
Nationwide Floor and Window

HBR Is An Example Of Excellence In Their Industry

"As a long time customer of Comerica Bank we have seen HBR's industry change over the years due to industry innovation, however HBR has always been able to be innovative and responsive to meet the challenges of a changing environment and the needs of their customers. The Collin County 60 was a way for us to recognize HBR as an example of excellence in their industry and their dedication to meeting their customer's ever changing IT needs."

Dennis W. Fehlman, Senior Vice President
Comerica Bank - Small Business Division

Superior Time, Dedication, Effort, And Customer Satisfaction!

"The IT Department and myself especially want to take the time out to tell you what an AMAZING job Glenn has done for us in every aspect of the job from the quotes to shipment times he is on top of it and very helpful. He has proven HBR to be the best vendor we have dealt with so far and that is why we are going to order anything we can that HBR Technologies carries, because of Glenn’s superior time, dedication, effort, and customer satisfaction! He is an excellent asset and we just wanted to let that be known."

LaNay Hill, Assistant to CIO
Overhead Door
Manufacturing Company